Smirnoff Vodka’s “Mixhibit” App Mixes Social Utility w/ Branding


Launched at SXSWi, “Mixhibit” is the latest social filmmaking tool for people looking to remember the good times.

Smirnoff Vodka wants to make you the star of your own short film. To do it, the company’s released “Mixhibit”, an app that will pull selected photos from your social networks, arrange them in an artful way, layer on a custom track, and let you share the resulting creation with your friends.

To buff up its tech cred, Smirnoff pulled out the geeky stops and debuted the release of “Mixhibit” in a Beta With Benefits event at SXSW Interactive last week. It’s worth noting (again) that entire businesses have pinned their hopes on generating buzz during the technological cacophony that surrounds SXSWi. Twitter did it in 2007. Foursquare followed with its official kickoff in 2009. In a move that walked the line between overt splash and invite-only exclusivity, Smirnoff’s Mixhibit encouraged festival attendees to upload their own videos and enjoy VIP status at Viceland in hopes that they would provide feedback to further perfect the app before it goes into wide release this summer.

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