Grey Goose leverages Instagram, Pinterest to strengthen mobile, social campaign

Grey Goose is driving awareness for its new Cherry Noir vodka with a new initiative that incorporates Instagram and Pinterest.

The company launched the Hotel Noir campaign, which features content that spans across all Grey Goose digital channels. Grey Goose worked with R/GA Chicago on the campaign.

“The combination of paid media and earned digital impressions will hit consumers from multiple social and lifestyle touch points, keeping Grey Goose Cherry Noir top-of-mind when choosing Grey Goose at a bar or in a store,” said Chris Hayes, Creative Director, R/GA Chicago.

Socially relevant
The campaign story revolves around fictitious Hotel Noir where fashion, music and mystery intersect.

National advertising visualizes the scene with a TV spot and online video featuring music and an appearance by DJ A-Trak.

The storyline is taken further online, where for six weeks Grey Goose will reveal a new themed Hotel Noir story chapter across multiple digital properties.

Additionally, Grey Goose and R/GA Chicago commissioned established Instagram photographers to take photos inspired by the specific chapter themes each week, creating an evolving Hotel Noir story of their own that will be posted to their personal Instagram feeds and the Grey Goose feed.

Each Hotel Noir chapter will also manifest itself as a curated Pinterest board, be featured on, messaged through the Grey Goose Facebook and Twitter feeds and featured across online media and editorial content.

“All of the content is featured on, where visitors are also exposed to a new Cherry Noir cocktail each week,” Mr. Hayes said. “In addition to Grey Goose Instagram and Pinterest properties, the brand Facebook and Twitter pages highlight the weekly content.

“Online media includes partnerships with Vibe, Vevo, Noisey, Facebook and others,” he said. “A partnership with Complex Media serves up weekly editorial content corresponding to each chapter.”

Driving engagement
Both Instagram and Pinterest gave Grey Goose an opportunity to engage a younger core target.

Mobile and social go hand-in-hand.

Therefore, by incorporating the channels into marketing efforts, Grey Goose is able to connect with new and existing customers further.

“We see opportunities to use these platforms in new and exciting ways—not just to deliver singular pieces of content, but to use these channels as deliverers of episodic content not unlike how books and television traditionally operate,” Mr. Hayes said.

“As an early adopter to the platforms, it’s an opportunity to communicate without the clutter and noise from other brands we see within other platforms,” he said.

“By starting new conversations in social media and inviting our audience to participate by sharing and creating their own #hotelnoir photos or pins, Grey Goose is changing the way consumers speak about the brand.”

Mobile interest
The Grey Goose campaign is smart.

The company is very much aware that consumers are rapidly turning to their mobile devices and being able to let them connect with the brand using their smartphones is important.

“Mobile is an important channel for the brand overall,” said Michelle Roberts, account supervisor at R/GA Chicago. “Grey Goose consumers are active users of smartphones and have driven a steady increase in mobile searches and traffic to the site this year.

“These consumers are early adopters who were quick to engage in platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest,” she said. “The responsive redesign of, which launched at the beginning of this year, assures that all of the Hotel Noir content is optimized for mobile viewing and sharing.

“Employing a combination of mobile SEM, media partnerships with Facebook and Twitter, and placements on properties such as Vibe has been effective at driving even more mobile traffic. Through this approach, the Hotel Noir campaign has higher visibility and awareness, driving additional impressions and engagement with our core audience to an experience optimized for whatever device they may be using.”

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