Patron Spirits seeks partner to develop app strategy: keynote

MobileMarketer details: Patron is considering using a mobile application to extend the reach of its Patrón Social Club, but has not found the correct technology partner to actually do it, per a brand executive.

John McDonnell, chief operating officer of Patrón, Las Vegas, gave the keynote address at the Luxury Interactive 2010 Conference. He talked about the luxury brand’s interactive strategy.

“The concept of luxury has changed,” Mr. McDonnell said. “Tequila used to not be considered a luxury.

“It was considered strong, harsh, foul and cheap,” he said.

The Patrón Social Club – a social media site that the brand uses to foster relationships with its enthusiasts – has a mobile-optimized site at

Mr. McDonnell talked about how Patrón’s interactive media strategy was built to be faithful to the brand’s positioning.

There is a need in the market for an affordable luxury. It helps people feel more special. It is about self image, he said.

“You are what you drink,” Mr. McDonnell said.

Patrón began a campaign to position the brand as “perfect.” The tagline was basically that some things are debatable but you cannot debate the perfection of Patrón Tequila.

Consumers are increasing their consumption of new media. They are increasingly digital and online.

“When it comes to making connections to consumers, new media can strengthen that connection and the results,” Mr. McDonnell said.

“Our goal is turn those responses into long term relationships,” he said.

The Patrón Social Club is a members-only site for Patrón Tequila enthusiasts.

Members get access to exclusive cocktail recipes, special event access, plus ideas for entertaining and where to go.

The social site currently has about 100,000 members.

The members are typically between 29-45 years-old and have above-average income.

Members seem to be ambitious and care about the quality of what they own.

Patrón uses editorial on the site to engage consumers based on their personal interests.

“Editorial content should sync with the consumer’s mindset,” Mr. McDonnell said. “So just because Patrón may not be associated with barbequing, does not mean we can’t partner with an authoritative grilling sauce and serve up grilling ideas and cocktails that match.”

Patrón uses the social site to push out information to consumers about what the company is up to. A mobile application would be a perfect complement to the social site, but as mentioned before, the company has not found the correct technology partner (hint hint).

“Using a mobile app to complement the Patrón Social Club is something we have noodled through and are looking at,” Mr. McDonnell said. “We have not found the right technology yet.”

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